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Musical electronics hardware and software projects
  • "Drumbox: the ST/CZ Connection", Electronic Musician, February 1988 PDF excerpt
  • "Beat-It: a Drum Sensor Interface for the Atari ST", Electronic Musician, December 1988 PDF excerpt
  • "The MIDI Music Box", Electronic Musician, March 1989 PDF excerpt
  • "RandoM1: a Patch Generator/Librarian for the Atari ST", Electronic Musician, August 1989 PDF excerpt
  • "An ST BASIC Version of Beat-It Software", Electronic Musician, October 1989
  • "SampSyn", STart, July 1990 PDF excerpt
  • "MIDI Master Drummer", STart, July 1990 PDF excerpt
  • "Retro-Regenerator", Electronic Musician, August 1990 PDF excerpt
  • "Using Breath Controllers with the Korg M1", Keyboard Magaine, September 1991 PDF excerpt
Product reviews
  • "Dr. T's Fingers", Electronic Musician, May 1989
  • "ROM Cards for the Korg M1", Electronic Musician, January 1990
  • "ULTRAMIDI", Atari Explorer, April 1990
  • "Frontal Lobe PCM Channel", Electronic Musician, May 1990
  • "Johnsware MIDIBOSS", Electronic Musician, July 1990
  • "Steinberg's Cubase", STart, August 1990
  • "Microdeal's Quartet", Atari Explorer, March/April 1991
  • "Dr. T's KCS Omega II", Electronic Musician, March 1994
Atari computer MIDI applications

Prose about

  • Interview with Buzz McClain, Montgomery (MD) Journal, October 16, 1992
  • Interview with Myrna Statland for WUSA-TV (Channel 9), Washington, DC, November 30, 1992
  • Interview with Alex Chadwick for National Public Radio's "Morning Edition", January 28, 1993
  • Interview with Sonia Boyne for the Frederick (MD) Post, March 5, 1993
  • On-air interview with Tom Whelan on WTRI (1520 AM), Brunswick, MD, March 19, 1993
  • Keyboard Magazine feature about "Ultimate Keyboard Competition", May 1995
  • Imitation of an innovator: a comparative analysis of Agon by Igor Stravinsky and Dance movements for brass quintet by David Snow. Thesis (D. Mus. Arts)--University of Washington, 2007