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Musical electronics hardware and software projects
Product reviews
  • "Dr. T's Fingers", Electronic Musician, May 1989
  • "ROM Cards for the Korg M1", Electronic Musician, January 1990
  • "ULTRAMIDI", Atari Explorer, April 1990
  • "Frontal Lobe PCM Channel", Electronic Musician, May 1990
  • "Johnsware MIDIBOSS", Electronic Musician, July 1990
  • "Steinberg's Cubase", STart, August 1990
  • "Microdeal's Quartet", Atari Explorer, March/April 1991
  • "Dr. T's KCS Omega II", Electronic Musician, March 1994
Atari computer MIDI applications

Prose about

  • Consolidation, revolution and reflection: music for trumpet from three decades - 1950s, 1970s and 1990s, by Aaron Douglas Muller, Doctor of Musical Arts, University of Maryland, 2017. Abstract Dissertation (full text)
  • Imitation of an innovator: a comparative analysis of Agon by Igor Stravinsky and Dance movements for brass quintet by David Snow, by Edward A. Castro, Doctor of Musical Arts, University of Washington, 2007. Abstract Dissertation (full text)
  • Keyboard Magazine feature about "Ultimate Keyboard Competition", May 1995
  • On-air interview with Tom Whelan on WTRI (1520 AM), Brunswick, MD, March 19, 1993
  • Interview with Sonia Boyne for the Frederick (MD) Post, March 5, 1993
  • Interview with Alex Chadwick for National Public Radio's "Morning Edition", January 28, 1993
  • Interview with Myrna Statland for WUSA-TV (Channel 9), Washington, DC, November 30, 1992
  • Interview with Buzz McClain, Montgomery (MD) Journal, October 16, 1992