Lucid Streaming

an online recital by composers and performers of
the Eastman School of Music classes of 1976 and 1978:

Eric Ewazen
David Heinick
Christian Kollgaard
Pamela Marshall
Susan May Schneider
David Jason Snow

Among the many hopes, dreams, and schemes scuttled by the Covid-19 pandemic was our plan to meet during the summer of 2020 for an informal reunion. Since graduating from Eastman four and a half decades ago, we have made it our habit to reconvene periodically, sometimes for artistic collaboration, but always for the pleasure of each other's company.

Our first post-undergraduate collaboration was the production of the compact disc Noises, Sounds & Strange Airs in 1993, featuring recent compositions by Ewazen, Heinick, Marshall, and Snow.

Our next cooperative venture was The Virtual Basement Assembly Cybernetic Improv Session (1995), a re-imagining of the free improvisation sessions we would occasionally stage in an Eastman rehearsal space when nobody was looking. Geographically distanced as we were in '95, we each contributed cassette tapes of whatever audio content we felt inspired to submit, and mixed them into Fluxus-flavored, anti-musical sausage that was burned to CD-R for posterity.

In 2014, celebrating the 60th birthdays of the composers in the class of 1976, we organized '76@60, a composition recital at St. Luke in the Fields Church in Greenwich Village, generously hosted by music director David Shuler, one of our classmates. (In addition to the works programmed on that concert, we performed a free improv during intermission, which thoroughly confused the audience.)

Finally, prior to the pandemic-inspired extravaganza you are about to witness, our most recent collaborative effort was a composers' recital in Kilbourn Hall at Eastman during our official 2016 class reunion, celebrating 40 years since graduation.

So, until we meet again in the flesh, on with the virtual show...


Video 1: Myths and Legends, movement I: Allegro ritmico

by Eric Ewazen
Performed and produced by Tim Hutchens
Download PDF Program Notes


Video 2: Cave

by David Heinick
Performed by The Crane Concert Choir, Rebecca Reames, conductor, with Lillia Woolschlager, oboe, and Brandon Bromsey, percussion
Download PDF Program Notes


Video 3: Élégie Melancholia

by Christian Kollgaard
Performed by Christian Kollgaard, double bass, and David Heinick, piano


Video 4: Birding in Winter

Music by Pamela Marshall, poem by Susan Edwards Richmond
Performed by Triad: Boston's Choral Collective, Charles Turner, conductor
Download PDF Program Notes


Video 5: Song of Songs

Music by Gary M. Schneider, words from Song of Songs by Solomon
Performed by Susan May Schneider, soprano, and Gary M. Schneider, piano


Video 6: I scare myself

by David Jason Snow
Programmed and performed by the composer

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