1. Benjamin's Theme (1:58)
2. Homage Rag (3:34)
3. I'm Getting Sick over You (1:45)
4. Overture to Marriage at Work (3:01)
5. Hymne au Village Celeste (2:32)
6. Supermarket Music (0:57)

1. Vex Americana: self-mutilating variations on a theme by Uno Nyman (excerpt)

Organ Leroy is a minor character in the Firesign Theatre's brilliant 1970 audio metafiction Don't crush that dwarf hand me the pliers, introduced thusly:
"Yes, friends, welcome to Pastor Flash's Hour of Reckoning, with Organ Leroy at his organ again, and the 50-voice St. Louis Aquarium Choir. I'm Deacon E.L. Mouse..."

Leroy's contribution to the Hour of Reckoning was limited to a few gospelish keyboard interludes, so I've taken it upon myself to flesh out his personal and artistic legacy with a greatest hits album of theater organ favorites, recorded in the aftermath of the Hour of Reckoning being pulled from the radio airwaves due to a court-mandated dismantling of its sponsor, the Powerhouse Church of the Presumptuous Assumption of the Blinding Light, Inc. The album shot to the bottom of the pop charts with a bullet, leaving Leroy in almost complete financial ruin. A follow-up album, The Onanistic Organist finished the job.

The end.