The agony of Henry Pleasants
Did you ever stop and wonder
who the music’s really for, 
why the music’s such a bore,
Why no one is listening anymore?
Brain-rot is the latest rage, 
mindless music for a mindless age.
Your head’s asleep,
emotions freeze,
brain turns into cottage cheese.
Do you ever stop to ponder 
what this situation means?
Who needs people
when you got machines?
Munchkins in the music schools 
are hacking out the music rules,
rules you need for advanced degrees 
in turning minds into cottage cheese.
They sit and talk their munchkin words 
and drop their notes like little birds, 
skimpy little music turds,
the Music of the Future.
Nobody cares, 
the glory’s faded. 
Their heads and ears 
are constipated.
Maybe they 
are over-rated 
but don’t let on.