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Fixed media audio compositions by genre

I.   Audible DADA
II.  Audio environments
III. Musical processess
IV.  Popular music and its discontents

I. Audible DADA

1. Ain't nobody here but us chickens

2. Ce qui cause mon tourment?

3. Dance of the Red Tiger Devil

4. Deprecatio imperatori

5. The diagnostic and statistical manual of musical disorders

6. Freud in Konzert

7. Heilbaddame aus Hölle

8. Holiday in Manhattan

9. Hyperag for Conlon Nancarrow

10. Kindertotenlied

11. Klavier disintegrale

12. The lumberjack song, version 1

13. The lumberjack song, version 2

14. Mommy, wipe me!

15. Mon coeur appartient à Dada

16. The Mozart effect

17. My pickled heart

18. No exit

19. Para leer al Pato Donald

20. The passion and transfiguration of a post-apocalyptic eunuch

21. Sacre bleu

22. Steampunk enema

23. Suono grafica

24. It's not what you eat, it's the way you eat it

25. The velvet gentleman: ballet indigeste

26. Vex americana (condensed version)

27. Wittgenstein revisited

28. Zukofsky's folly: travesty on Paganini's Caprice, op. 1, no. 5

II. Audio environments

1. Brooklyn underground

2. Dexterous resonance

3. Hommage à l'Afrique

4. Das Lied von der Magnetosphäre

5. Un paradis clair et triste

6. Set sail for the heliopause!

7. The sound of one shoe dropping

8. Tuning into, situating within

9. Wake me when we get there (soundtrack remix)

10. Walden morning

III. Musical processes

1. Beat me mama 29 to the bar

2. Candybox

3. Etudes for imaginary harp

4. No easy death

5. Traitèes au fromage

6. Wave dynamics

IV. Popular music and its discontents

1. But they seemed like such nice folks

2. Canzoni d'amore part 2 remix

3. Depilação brasileira

4. Disco plotz 2013

5. Exercitatio anatomica de motu cordis et sanguinis in animalibus

6. Goodbye Columbus

7. Hommage à l'Afrique (piano solo)

8. I think you're an asshole

9. I'm getting sick over you

10. Into the cosmic mandala

11. Laissez les bon temps saignent

12. Leila

13. Let's eat

14. My family

15. Nice girls don't take any chances

16. Nice guys finish last

17. Nuclear pigdance

18. Righteous motherfucker

19. Slippery when wet

20. Stuck together

21. Sumptuous sinews music excerpts

22. Theme from A summer STD infection

24. Zippy's New Age dance