My collaboration with Paul Stregevsky on Marriage at Work started in 1995. I transcribed Paul's sung melodies from audio cassette into musical notation, harmonized and orchestrated the tunes, then performed and recorded the orchestrations. Here are three examples of the transformation of Stregevsky's a cappella demo tapes into orchestral arrangements:

The sin's on me

Going through the motions

Forty days, forty years

I was also responsible for a few original contributions to the score: composing the overture, several dance interludes, and a couple of the songs (The ways I would tell you and Pass it on) to Paul's lyrics. When all the songs were finished, I prepared a printed vocal score, Paul hired singers, and I produced and recorded the demo using the pre-recorded orchestrations:

1. Overture

2. Life on the fringe

3. Hineni!

4. Marriage is work

5. Eight weeks

6. The rebbe says

7. Someone just like me

8. A world of many colors

9. Marriage at work

10. Prelude to act II / Marriage is work (reprise)

11. When I was one

12. The ways I would tell you

13. Going through the motions

14. Pass it on

15. The sin's on me

16. Something strange

17. Forty days, forty years

18. A world of many colors

19. Future imperfect