Hymns, Anthems, Chants, Rants, and Sundry Morsels of Raw NewAge


I dedicate this album to my precious Lord, Guru, Master, Savior, and Primo Piatto del Pasto, The Flying Spaghetti Monster.


I am going on a journey.
Would you like to come along?
We'll dance the Astral Love Dance
and sing a Cosmic Song.

We'll ride pure rays of sunlight,
sail crystal rivers blue.
I'll chant the Love-Bliss Mantra
and reincarnate as you.

We'll triumph over time and space,
see mystic visions rare
of Future, Past and Present.
Come join me if you dare.

Yes, I'm going on a journey.
Won't you come along with me?
Just pack your Astral Baggage
and don't forget to pee.

Recordings in mp3 format. Tracks in alphabetical order (this album was made for shuffle mode):

    1. A brivele der mamen (vocals by Samuel Henry Bloom Z"L)

    2. But they seemed like such nice folks

    3. Canzoni d'amore part 2 remix

    4. Depilação brasileira

    5. Disco plotz 2013

    6. Exercitatio anatomica de motu cordis et sanguinis in animalibus

    7. Goodbye Columbus

    8. Goodnight, moon (instrumental version)

    9. Hommage à l'Afrique (piano solo)

    10. I think you're a dick (intro with Wendy Maraniss Z"L)

    11. I'm getting sick over you (words by P. Kougasian)

    12. In the middle ages (words by C. Kollgaard, E. Ewazen, and D.J. Snow)

    13. Into the cosmic mandala

    14. Laissez les bon temps saignent

    15. Leila

    16. Let's eat (instrumental)

    17. Nice girls don't take any chances

    18. Nice guys finish last

    19. 1983 (that old sad song)

    20. No easy death

    21. Nuclear pigdance

    22. Righteous motherfucker

    23. Slippery when wet

    24. Stuck together (words by P. Kougasian)

    25. Sumptuous sinews (music excerpts)

    26. Theme from A summer STD infection

    27. Traitèes_au_fromage

    28. Want sprouts on that?

    29. My family (or, you can pick your nose but you can't pick your relatives)

    30. Zippy's New Age dance


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