One-minute compositions created for the Vox Novus Fifteen minutes of fame and 60x60 concert series

Ain't nobody here but us chickens

60x60 New York Minutes Mix November 15, 2013, Lewis University, Romeoville, Illinois   "...a fantasia about psychological time, a montage of natural and artificial audio phenomena that give form and flow to temporal perception: thunder, drums, a hominidÕs grunt and a baby's wail, a fragmented snatch of melody, the smeared unison of a night chorus of crickets."
Blame it on Thiruvananthapuram

60X60 Wave farm   "... a special 60x60 mix that features beat-based music in all electronic styles and aesthetics —EDM, hip-hop, minimalist grooves, underground, and anything else with a beat." "License-free samples sequenced at my resting heart rate of 96 bpm."
brood II

15 Minutes of Fame: Graphic score Decmeber 8, 2013, Jan Hus Church, New York "...a collection of 15 graphic scores which can be freely interpreted by any instrument or combination of instruments in an ensemble." "Whether one reads the life cycle of Magicicada septendecim as tragedy or comedy depends upon how one interprets the existential predicament of Homo sapiens struggling to survive as a species, mostly at the expense of hapless individuals, with no discernable goal or resolution. Harness your empathy and loathing accordingly."
Ce qui cause mon tourment?

Concertino Marcel Duchamp

60x60 New York mix January 29, 2014, The New School, New York   "Composed as an entry in a 'One Minute Piano Competition' sponsored by the Paris New Music Review. Though billed as a composition for piano and pre-recorded sound, there is no piano part, just a score consisting of unrelated graphic images and text. The work is performable by anyone, with or without the score, with or without a piano, and with or without discernable musical talent."
Enredado en Azul

15 Minutes of Fame: modern tangos for Juan Maria Solare   "15 one-minute pieces of modern tango composed for Juan Maria Solare." "The hands of our grim virtuoso skitter at cross purposes cross the keyboard, bitterly struggling for rhythmic, harmonic, melodic, strategic and ideological supremacy. Black (key) vs. White, Left (hand) vs. Right, itÕs the hemispheric divide writ small and encoded as song and dance."

60x60 Death mix   "Miniature requiems, laments, dirges, biological sonifications, sonic memento mori and other works that address fleeting existence, including obsolete technologies and threatened environments, are encouraged." "The Kinder referred to in this particular Totenlied is, of course, the product line manufactured by Italian confectioner Ferrero: Kinder Chocolate, Kinder Bueno, Kinder Country, Kinder Dˇlice, Kinder Maxi, Kinder Pingu“, Kinder Fetta al Latte, and Kinder Surprise. As the company states on its website, 'Mothers want their children to experience joyful happy childhoods, and they know that when they give chocolate treats like Kinder Chocolate, itÕs a simple gesture that sweetens daily life and creates happy moments together.' Ah, happy moments... All too rare, brief, and prone to disintegrate into disappointment, bitterness, and rage. Have another Kinder Surprise, kid."
Klavier disintegrale

60x60 PianoForte Mix December 14, 2012, PianoForte Foundation, Chicago "The specification of the PianoForte Chicago Mix of the 60x60 project is any work created as a musical composition which is captured on recorded media, which does not require live performers for its production in broadcast at concert halls, radio, multi-media, etc. Its creation must include any or all of the Fazioli piano samples available on the 60x60 website, and may also includeŃbut is not limited toŃacoustic instruments, voice, environmental sources, and computer (Sampling, MAX MSP, MIDI, C Sound, ProTools, etc.)" "I was in the audience at the Newport Jazz Festival in 1971 when, during a set featuring Dionne Warwick singing What the world needs now is love, a flash mob of Ocean State situationists crashed the fence, stormed the stage and destroyed the piano. Not to endorse hippie hooliganism, but I couldn't figure out what Dionne Warwick was doing performing at a jazz festival either."
Laissez les bons temps saignent

60x60 Louisiana mix April 10, 2015, Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts " written in or influenced by Louisiana music styles and/or musicians; e.g. jazz, zydeco, cajun, mardi gras, swamp rock." "Encaisser les coups, mes amis."
Less than zero

15 Minutes of Fame: One note piano pieces for Juan Maria Solare   "Pieces must have only one note. How to define 'note' is left to the composer's imagination (and believe me: that's not a banal task)." "The relationship between a musician and an instrument is often fraught with ambivalence. Pianos in particular are high strung."
Para leer al Pato Donald

60X60 Latin mix   "...recent works of Composers living in Latin America, Composers of Latin American heritage, and/or works that are clearly inspired by Latin American culture/music." "It's always amusing to watch people like me who dance like they have a stick up their ass. It's not so amusing to observe venerable musical traditions get tossed into the blender of Western pop culture in order to be quantized and homogenized into glossy, soulless sludge for consumption by those who dance like they have a stick up their ass. "
Petite liturgie situationniste

15 Minutes of Fame: Viola Yip, voice May 11, 2014, Jan Hus Church, New York "We are looking for a set of 15 one-minute creative and adventurous pieces for solo speaking voice for the concert. As the speaking voice is the natural instrument of human beings, composers are encouraged to explore what that instrument allows us to express. The theme of this call is Dedication. The composer can interpret this freely!" "A catechism for the Groucho Marxist."
Steampunk enema

60x60 5.1 May 15, 2014, Harvestworks, New York "Vox Novus and Harvestworks are inviting composers and sound artists to submit recorded works as 5.1 audio 60 seconds or less.... The 60x60 project's definition of a record work is as follows: any work created as a musical composition which is captured on recorded media, which does not require live performers for its production in broadcast at concert halls, radio, multi-media, etc. Its creation can include but not limited to acoustic instruments, voice, environmental sources, and computer (Sampling, Max/MSP, Ableton Live, MIDI, C Sound, ProTools, etc.)" "Steampunk enema, in 5.0 surround format, is based on acoustic samples of an 'ocean harp' waterphone being struck with mallets and bowed. The pathetic sounds thus evoked, redolent of Dickensian horror, suggested the title."
This is only a test

60x60 Wave Farm   "Artists are invited to submit recorded works (created with, for, about radio and transmission) with durations of 60 seconds, to be included in the eleventh annual 60x60 project; a FM broadcast on Wave FarmÕs WGXC 90.7-FM; and distributed as a Wave Farm Dispatch Series download. 60 compositions will be selected to be played continuously in a one-hour live event and broadcast." "This is a test of the Emergency Broadcast System. Broadcasters, in cooperation with the FCC and other authorities have developed this system to keep you informed in the event of an emergency. If this had been an actual emergency, you would have been instructed where to tune in your area for news and official information."
Total harmonic distortion

15 Minutes of Fame: Daniel Mihai, violin & tape  September 15, 2013, Mihail Jora Concert Hal, Bucharest, Romania "Vox Novus is calling for one-minute pieces composed for Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame: Daniel Mihai, violin & tape to be premiered in September 2013 for ComposerÕs Voice collaboration concert in Constanţa, Romaniai. " "The recorded sound accompaniment to Total Harmonic Distortion was generated by additive synthesis software recently devised by the composer for the 1990s-era Atari Falcon030 computer, which just goes to show that you can teach old hardware new tricks."