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Painless introduction

Dear visitor,

A koan for your contemplation:

Cultural demographers at Billboard Magazine would categorize the musical content of this web site as

     A. New age
     B. Avant garde
     C. Smoov (i.e. smoother than smooth, downright greasy) jazz
     D. All of the above
     E. None of the above

The correct answer is F.

To help you navigate the murky waters of this Gowanus Canal of genre ambiguity, we've assembled a sampler of mp3 audio nuggets for your elucidation and enjoyment. Select from the following taxonomic tasting menu:

Pop non-standards Harmless classicsModernist angst Willfull perversity
Marriage at work overtureA baker's tale
1st mvt.
Dance movements (excerpts) Mon coeur appartient à Dada
Nuclear pigdanceA baker's tale
2nd mvt.
Passacaglia en unisono Any similarity to persons living or
dead is purely coincidental
LeilaA baker's tale
3rd-4th mvts.
Plan 9 from outer space Wittgenstein revisited (excerpt)
Larry, the stooge in the middle Winter (excerpt) Effluvia (excerpt) The Mozart effect
Depilação brasileira Etude for imaginary harp no. 1 Das Lied von der Magnetosphäre My pickled heart
Disco plotz Wave dynamics Suono grafica Freud in Konzert
Righteous motherfucker Beat me mama,
29 to the bar
Guernica (excerpt) Holiday in Manhattan
My family A night in Jakarta Study no. 1 for 2 Disklaviers Vex americana

An exhaustive list of compositions by David Jason Snow can be found on the Complete works page. You are welcome to download and share any linked audio, video, and score file on this site, with attribution and without modification, for personal, non-commercial use. If you are interested in obtaining perfomance parts to a score, contact us for price and shipping information.